Steroids are mostly used by bodybuilders, athletes, power lifters in order to keep their physique fit enough for competitions. Men spend most of the time in Gym, do hardcore exercises to get the expected results. When considering women, the usage is proportionally low when compared to men. Still wrestling women, athletes are focused on the steroids much more. Usage of steroid usually causes some mild to severe side effects. These side effects may be well tolerated by men whereas for women virilization effects will occur. Hence, women specifically choose some steroids which won’t produce dreadful, virilization effects. There are two types of performance-enhancing drugs such as bulking and cutting. Bulking drugs bulk the body like Hulk with some fat and water retention. Cutting steroids shred the body fat and prevent water retention, give a ripped, solid physique. is an exclusive site which discusses about the steroids and alternatives. Let us see some of the best steroids used by women for weight loss.


This drug is popular among women and it is specially designed for women as testosterone for men. Anavar helps to shed extra fat, adds muscle mass, gives a shredded body look. It does not produce virilization effects in the recommended dosage. If one exceeds the advised dosage, then some side effects are expected. As this is gentle with women, Anavar has been called as Girl’s steroid. The benefit of Anavar is huge.

  • Increases performance level
  • Minimal effect on hypertension
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • Holds least virilization effect
  • Reduces fat deposition

While increasing the dose adverse side effects are experienced as increased body hair, clitoral enlargement, voice deepening, cholesterol and blood pressure issues.

If the user does not want to expose to such side effects, she may go for Anavar alternative. The alternatives are available in Crazy Bulk. The legal alternatives do not produce such adverse side effects.


The weight loss/cutting cycle steroid is otherwise called Winny. Since Winstrol does not induce weight gain, most of the women prefer Winstrol next to Anavar. Winny users usually obtain a ripped look with increased endurance. Within a short time, the results will be experienced. The Winstrol benefits are reckoned as

  • It suits women because Winstrol can be used in bulking and cutting cycles
  • Lean muscle mass is retained
  • Provides a significant fat loss with trimmed body shape

The possible side effects of Winstrol are liver strain, hair loss, acne formation, increased blood pressure. Winstrol can be replaced with Winstrol legal alternative from Crazy Bulk. The positive results are high whereas the side effects are nil.


This is a natural cutting steroid like substance which does not need any prescription. While taking clen, the body becomes hot and the fat starts to burn. This is said to be ideal for women steroid users. Usage of Clenbuterol provides sculpted body structure to women. The benefits of Clenbuterol are

  • Enhances oxygen transportation
  • Increases metabolism and reduces fat
  • Builds muscle while losing fat
  • Suppresses food crave

Being a steroid-like substance, Clenbuterol also produces downside effects such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and expected cardiac hypertrophy.

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