There are several women that find lumps in their breasts all of a sudden. Some of them are movable and some are still. It is obvious that if the same thing happens, you will be scared and believe that you have breast cancer. However, before jumping to conclusions, it is prudent for you to consult a doctor and go in for a test.

Breast lump screening- Know what it means?

Experts say that when you face breast lumps, you should not panic. The breast lump screening tests often state that the breast lumps of 85% to 90% women are benign that means they are not cancerous in nature. This is generally true for women that are younger than 40 years.

Understand the anatomy of your breasts

The breasts of a woman are made up of fat, blood vessels, fibrous connective tissues, nerves and glandular tissue. The breast of a woman also has lobules that produce milk and ducts that carry this milk to the nipples. This results the breasts of a woman being lumpy and uneven in nature.

There are several breast lumps that are harmless and they can be removed safely. There are some movable lumps in your breast and they look like a grape. They can be like the size of a pea or spread across many inches though this is often rare in women. The lump might have semi-fluid.

Stages of the condition

The size of the lump depends upon the stages of the condition. The fluid moving lump that moves between your fingers is less likely to be cancer over the still lump that is deeply rooted in your breast. It would be wrong to say that all breast lumps that move are not cancer and those that are deeply rooted are. The best way to determine whether a breast lump is cancerous or not is by taking special medical tests. You can take a mammograph or an ultrasound. Another determinant of breast cancer is the pain. Breast cancer often takes place without pain and benign conditions might have pain. However, again there is no hard and fast rule for the same.

There is another important point for you to note. Not all benign breast lumps need extra testing. You might find that fluid cysts might appear while you have your menstrual period and your doctor might want to have you examine your condition again. Mostly, at the end of the menstrual period the cyst disappears and you and your doctor discover that it was just a benign cyst and was due to the hormonal fluctuations your body was going through.

However, when you discover a lump in your breast, do not ignore the condition at all. Get a breast lump screening test done from a good clinic. Choose a clinic that has esteem and reputation in the market. Check reviews and client testimonials before undergoing the test. In this way, you can determine whether the lump is benign or not and take necessary steps for the same!


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