The enlarged part just below the aorta is termed as Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. According to medical experts this is one of the blood vessels that transports blood to major parts of the body. The blood vessel is effectively thick to transport sufficient amount of blood through the body. It is connected from the heart to the abdomen through the chest area.

In case this blood vessel gets damaged or ruptured, then the condition can certainly be considered as life threatening for anyone. Such condition is termed as abdominal aortic aneurysm. This condition can lead to internal body bleeding in some cases.

The moment you face this condition you may have to look around for best abdominal aortic aneurysm repair treatment in India. In general, the process and duration of treatment may vary depending on the condition you are facing. In some cases it may also demand emergency treatment by surgery.

Once the condition is tracked, the surgeons will decide on the right time for surgery. In case they need to perform last moment surgery, the condition of the patient can get more critical.


In general, in the initial stages, the condition is not easy to track. In most cases, arteries do not tend to get ruptured. There are some that may not even tend to enlarge. The process of expansion of the artery will take some time. In some cases the duration of expansion may be too fast. It certainly may vary from one patient to another.

Some common symptoms that you may notice are listed here below:-

  • You may start experiencing pulsating feeling just above the naval region.
  • You may also experience regular pain at the back side or above the abdomen area.
  • Regular back pain.

In case you are suffering from any one of the above mentioned symptoms then it is advisable to visit your nearest doctor immediately. This certainly may be the right time for you to look around for best treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair in India.

Right time to visit your Doctor

If you are suffering form above mentioned symptoms then it is the right time for you to visit your doctor. In case no symptoms yet then you need to consider below mentioned points.

  • In case you are 65 or above of your age and used to smoking then it is advisable o see the doctor for regular check up for your abdomen.
  • In most cases the decision is taken by your doctor after looking into the past medical history of your family.
  • If you have this problem within your family then it is advisable to go immediately for a doctors checkup at the age of 60.

This may not be sufficient causes to understand if women of the same age are developing this condition on similar symptoms or conditions.


There may be numerous causes for this condition to develop. Some basic causes may include Tobacco usage, Arteries hardening, blood pressure, Aorta infection, Trauma and Genetics.

It is important to act accordingly once the right symptom and causes of this condition have been tracked.


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