If you and your partner have been trying for baby with little success, there’s nothing to worry as there are many solutions to infertility in modern medicine. Starting from artificial insemination to IVF and surrogacy, the choices are varied for welcoming your bundle of happiness. As many as 15% couples around the world have issues with fertility, and for a large section, IVF is considered to the best option. Before you think of considering this as a treatment for your worries, check some of the things mentioned below.

Understanding IVF treatment

IVF stands for in-Vitro fertilization, which should not be confused with artificial insemination. In IVF procedure, the baby is formed outside the woman’s body or in a laboratory to be specific, while artificial insemination basically involves placing the sperm in the woman’s body for fertilization. IVF is mostly suggested to couples, who have tried other ways or have gone through hormonal treatments with little results. There are many clinics that offer ivf treatment in Russia, but it is only on an expert doctor to decide whether this is the right choice for you.

The procedure

IVF is a complicated procedure, but let’s try to decode it in a simpler way. Mostly, the process starts with hormonal injections, which is injected in the woman’s body to help her release more than one egg in the cycle. Following this, there will be a few tests, which will determine is the woman is actually ready for egg retrieval. The entire process of egg retrieval can take around 30 minutes to one hour, but before that more injections may be given to help developing eggs ripen faster. The process of egg retrieval is very crucial to the success of the procedure and takes the most time. The very same day, your partner will be asked to donate sperms.

Once the fertilized eggs are ready in the lab, you will then need to actually go for actual placement of the eggs, which doesn’t take much time but will require you to be at the hospital or clinic for a few hours. There may be other medications that may be given additionally and the doctor will call you for further tests after two weeks. There are times when more than one fertilized eggs are placed in the uterus, which increased the chances of pregnancy but also the chances of multiple babies or twins. Make sure to discuss the scope with your doctor.