Before you take abode to the heaven, you must dive into the rich cuisines of India. Talking about biryanis, these are available in rich variety. In a lifetime of prosperity, success, pleasures, happiness, sadness and so many other emotions and moments; make sure that you have relished some of the most mouth-watering biryanis of India.

The good thing sit hat even if you want to learn, you can learn making scrumptious dishes. If you are wondering how to make chicken biryani in Tamil, no worries’ just grab a recipe and you are good to go. Whether you prepare it or order it, there is going to be utmost pleasure under the realm of biryanis. Have a look at some foothis most popular biryanis of India below.

Calcutta biryani

This biryani is a somewhat similar version of Awadhi biryani fetched to Calcutta by a regal Awadhi family. The NawabWajid Ali Shah, in the year 1856 was overthrown from Awadh and he moved to Calcutta. He took along with him his household stuff and items, cooks and of course the delicious biryani. This dish further pervaded into the poorer class, who presented the usage of rich potatoes instead of expensive meat. This is something that gave birth to this delectable Calcutta biryani dish.

Arcot biryani

This South Indian special biryani, more commonly called Ambur biryani is much adored for being light on stomach in opposition to the other fat loaded masala biryanis. This dish was flourished since its birth in the 1890s during the rule of Nawabs of Arcot in Tamil Nadu.  It was mainly in the regions of Ambur and Vaniyambadi.  Initially served solely to Nawabat regal palace, this biryani was introduced to the hotels and streets by the successors of the royal cook various years later. The point is that you can find a rich tang in this dish.

Try Malabar biryani

Your list of food cannot   complete without a mention of the various mouth-watering delicacies that stemmed on MalabarCoast. This popular Thalassery biryani is of Arab origin unlike the Mughal dissimilarities from the North. The Muslims of Kerala gave a strange flavour to this biryani by making use of small, flavoured Jeerakasala rice, as opposed toBasmati rice used conventionally. The taste of this biryani is absolutely lips smacking. Actually you know what Malabar carves out the ideal blend of spicy, sweet, tangy and salt along with meat and flavoured rice eventually topped with fried onion, sautéed cashews coupled with raisins. This is indeed a rich and fulfilling dish.

Hyderabadi Biryani

When you are talking about biryanis, how can you leave behind the Hyderabad biryani? This Hyderabadi biryani is a form of biryani that is from Hyderabad. It is prepared in the shape of kachaygoshtki biryani and also dumki biryani. The spices used in this biryani are absolutely scrumptious and hot. They rule your pallet the moment they get disperse in mouth.

So, now you see how many good biryanis you were missing out? These were just a few, there are many other biryanis too that can fill you with utmost merriment and spice!

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