The In Vitro fertilization techniques have been widely improved through the years thanks to technology and a better knowledge about the embryos' development both In Vivo and In Vitro.

The researchers have discovered that human embryos are very sensitive to the changes in the environmental conditions. In fact, the temperature, CO2 and oxygen percentage, metabolites in the culture medium, among others, are very important factors to guarantee the proper development of human embryos.

Likewise, the embryos needs are not constant. They will vary according to the day of their development. By knowing that, the experts can create a proper culture medium and change it according to the day of the embryo development to guarantee a proper growing.

What Is EmbryoScope?

EmbryoScope is defined by the experts as the mostly used time-lapse system to observe the human embryos during their In Vitro development and to maintain the culture conditions stable.

The EmbryoScope system is very innovative because it includes all the tools needed to register and report both embryo and culture medium conditions. Likewise, EmbryoScope is designed to analyse this data and provide a ranking of embryo development, which can help to select the embryos with more probability of development to transfer them to the female uterus.

Why Is EmbryoScope So Successful?

The EmbryoScope system has been analyzed with different studies and it has proved that it can produce a relative increase in the rate of pregnancy of 23%, and it has reduced the early abortion rate by 36% after an In Vitro Fertilization procedure.

However, it is very important to know that the final development of pregnancy not only depends on the embryos development, so only a qualified staff can help a couple to determine the best way of treatment and whether using EmbryoScope is the best option for each case.

What Is the Biggest Innovation Regarding EmbryoScope?

The main advantage of EmbryoScope over other systems used to help with the embryo development is that it can ensure a stable embryo's incubation and take some images at defined intervals to document its development.

This is very important because the experts can evaluate and watch the entire process and determine which of all the embryos have a higher probability to continue the development In vivo and to produce a successful pregnancy.

How Much Does EmbryoScope Cost?

The cost of EmbryoScope will vary according to the patient’s needs, the days that embryo will be maintained in culture, the conditions under which it must be maintained, the In Vitro fertilization methods that will be used to form the embryo, the need of freezing, among others.

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